CloudShare Labs On-Demand

No other service delivers instant IT.  Build, copy and share fully functional environments in a few clicks. Spin them up and down for sandboxing, testing, training or demonstrations.

At $.50 per GB per hour, these environments are great for tests and archiving. There is no storage fee, and no cost unless you run the servers.


VM Templates
Hundreds of templated virtual machines and environments are ready on-demand -- Microsoft and LAMP software, configurable hardware, and point-and-click networking.

No Commitment
On charge -- $.50 per GB run per Hour. No hidden fees.

Back up your progress
Snapshot your complete environment to create a backup of the saved disk and memory state of your entire environment.


“The capability of the platform for development is amazing.  Far more nimble than any on-testimonialpremise enterprise solution!" - Matthew McDermott, Microsoft MVP, Director, Aptillon