CloudShare On-Demand

As a developer you know your requirements are unique. Unlike a typical user, your infrastructure needs to change on release by release basis, and in today's world of increasingly demanding applications, developers need to tightly control their development environment. This creates a need for on-demand infrastructure for developing, sandboxing and testing applications.

CloudShare's on-demand IT environments empowers you to kick start new projects, explore new technologies and develop complex applications, without battling for limited IT infrastructure resources. 

Try CloudShare's risk free, pay-as-you-go plan today!

Risk Free - $0.50 GBRAM*hr -- 1 User -- 300 GB Disk -- 4 CPU's per machine. Unlimited snapshots, access to the template library, full API access and much more.

Save Money - Fully licensed Windows and Linux systems with business applications pre-installed: Sharepoint, SQL & many more.

Reduce IT Expenses - No hardware or machine upkeep, and no networking or storage maintenance. Simply spin up ready-made enviroments and get to work.

Time to Market- Accelerate your application development lifecycle and focus solely on your development efforts.